Early school leaving and logodiscontinuity  are  urgent and serious problem, not only for individuals, but for society as a whole. Although the situation varies in different EU countries, the social phenomenon of early school leaving and discountinuity follows certain patterns.There is no single reason for leaving education or vocational training. There are many reasons – often highly individual – why some young people give up education and training prematurely: learning difficulties, social problems or a lack of motivation, guidance or support.

When a student is not at school,s/he can miss the lessons and this affect his/her academic success both at the school and future.One out of every seven young Europeans leaves the education system without having the skills or the qualifications which are now seen as necessary to make a successful transition to the labour market and for active participation in today’s knowledge-based economy. This means that currently some 6.4 million young people in Europe are classified as early school leavers.

We decided to make this project to work with this problems in our regions between Romania and Turkey.We have discovered we have the same problem in our schools. As we mentioned before,its not an individual problem.Its a also big problem countries future.It effects countries economy,peaceful schools and regions also. When a student leave school earlier,s/he cant have a job easily and it makes a social problems.

In our project,we have 4 partners in Turkey and 3 partner in Romania.Totally we will work hundreds of students and many teachers.Turkish schools are experienced in international project as well Romanian partners.Participant teachers are well qualified and experienced in this project also.

Students will benefit from this project by going on their schools each days. Owing to the extra  activities done by school,they will increase their academic success.They will follow their lessons,they will be more aware of the subjects and this will bring success to them.They will visit others cities,some historical places etc and become more sociable.They will meet with other job representatives at the school or in their place,they will have more ideas about what kind of job they can do.They will love the school because of extra activities and this will prevent dropout and discontunity.They will be useful citizen for their countries.Unemployed people is a serious problem for countries now. Unemployment rate is pretty high if we compare to the past.So if we manage this student to make their school and finish with a good degree,and they find their job,they will support their countries economy also