Visiting Brasov with Students from Sinca Veche

On 18th of November, teachers Lukás Άrpád and Iancu Aurelia, together with the pupils took an outdoor activity to Brașov to visit The Black Church, The Zoo and Dino Park.
At the Black Church we had a history class, the children were delight to find out stories about the building and admire the statues. Also, the children werevery happy to visit the Zoo, they put lots of questions about the animals we have seen. The visit to the Zoo was a biology class, were children saw different species of animals from all over the world. The best part of our outdoor activity was the visit to Dino Park where children had the opportunity to have an extra activity; they had to paint different kinds of dinosaurs figurines and to take them home. This visit was the equivalent of a painting class, where they could develop their imagination and their artistic skills. At the Dino Park children saw different kinds of dinosaurs species, found out what kind of food the dinosaurs ate, saw an image of their world and also saw a 9D movie with dinosaurs.
At the return the children told their parents stories about the outdoor activity they had. The parents enjoyed the stories and as a result the presence of the children to school improved, and also, as a bonus, their behavior got better.

On 2th of December a group of pupils together with their English and history teachers, Iancu Aurelia and Lukás Άrpád, had another outdoor activity to Brașov. This time they saw a beautiful play at the Opera house. The play was called The old man’s wise daughter; pupils had the opportunity to see how an Opera house look and to enjoy a nice play, from which they found out a story about a poor girl which with her good behavior had an happy ending. The visit to the Opera house was the equivalent to a music and dance class. Then the children had a visit to the Historic centre of Brasov, where they found out stories about the history of Brasov. The last stop was at Dino Park where children enjoyed the 9D dinosaurs movie and the walk through the world of the dinosaurs. They also had the chance to paint the dinosaurs figurines.
The children were very happy to participate to these kinds of activities and also the parents understood the importance of school, as a result the presence of pupils improved.