Şinca Veche School is on trip

On 21-22April pupils from Secondary School Gheorghe Șincai from Șinca Veche took an outdoor activity to Sighișoara-Praid-Cluj-Turda, together with the history, Romanian, math, English teachers and two schoolmistress.

Forty six children took a long journey to see the beauty of our country, they had the opportunity to visit the History Museum from Sighișoara, were they saw a small collection of artifacts  of Renaissence furniture, medical instruments, collection of watches and lots of other beautiful collections. The pupils enjoyed the view from The Clock Tower, the beautiful image of the Old Town. The lunch was served to a restaurant from Sighișoara, pupils eat to have energy for the next stop. After that pupils visit Salt mine Praid, where they were amazed by the shape and color of the walls and found out from their history teacher that the mine dates from Dacian times and it contains three billion tons of salt, one of the Europe’s largest salt mine. Then the pupils and teaches remembered that it’s time to go, because we had a long road to Cluj. Finally we made it and spent the night to the Home office Saint Kamil, were we also had dinner. The next day pupils had breakfast and together with the teachers visit The Botanical Garden from Cluj. After beautiful views, now children change the atmosphere, enjoying the smell of the flower, the beauty of them, they saw lots of different species of flower, as an biology class, and took pictures of them, as memories for their parents. Then, pupils visit The salt mine from Turda, here as an history hour pupils had the opportunity to find out stories about how people used to extract salt. Also, here they had the opportunity to play different games, like tennis, billiards. Pupils were delighted by the images they saw and as a result they had lots of questions about what they saw. After a great trip, pupils admired the views and had a long nap till home.

Pupils find out beautiful pictures of our country and lots of stories for their Romanian and history hours. As a result they understood the importance of school in their life and came to school more frequently to find out stories about our country.