Students Enjoyed with Ourdoor Activities

On 17th of February, due to the success of the last trip, the English and history teachers took the pupils to an outdoor activity with the same theme as the last one. As a music hour, the pupils had the opportunity to see a play called The glass case with characters, a play which wishes to offer a beautiful image of musical genres: opera house, operetta and musical. In this play, pupils met different characters from this musical genres of known composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gioacchini Rossini, George Bizet, Johann Strauss, Imre Kalman, Fr. Loew and Leonard Bernstein. In a funny note Don Pizzicato and Donna Pianina, owners of a magic glass case, took the pupils in a different world, capturing their attention and in the same time amusing them. After this journey in music land, the children had the opportunity to visit The first Romanian school, and as an history hour they found information about authors of our literature and they sit on the old desks of the school. After that they had lunch to obtain strength for the next stop. As a sport hour, the pupils enjoyed playing bowling, they learned how to play this game and like it very much. And the last moment of our journey was at the Zoo, as a biology class, pupils saw different animals, as monkeys, lions, bears, panthers, lizards, snakes, boars and lots of other species. They were delighted to discover what they are eating, the way of living and how they look.

Pupils were delighted to discover other educational activities that can improve their knowledge and understood the importance of learning.