Visiting Sibiu with 46 Students

On 26th of March pupils from Secondary School Gheorghe Șincai from Șinca Veche took an outdoor activity to Sibiu, together with the history, Romanian, math and English teachers.
Forty six children had the opportunity to visit The Brukenthal Palace, a beautiful and significant Baroque building from Romania. As an drawing hour they admired the Romanian and European Art Gallery which offered dynamic images for the children imagination and offered them another picture of the world they know. After a quiet journey in the palace, they saw the beautiful garden, a picture full of life, of healthy life. Then, the pupils visit The History Museum, with ten architectural units, to which a defensive tower was added, structuring one of the most impressive ensembles of civic Gothic architecture in Romania. Here, as an history hour pupils had the opportunity to find out the human history, how people used to live and defend themselves, how they used to dress, their pots and jewelries of the ladies of that time. After that, pupils had lunch in a beautiful restaurant to obtain straight for the next stop. The Museum of Natural History show the pupils another picture, with dinosaurs at the entry and the nature conserved to offer them a nice picture of common and rare species of plants as trees and ornamental bushes and different kinds of animals. The pupils was delighted by the images they saw and as a result they had lots of questions about what they saw. The last moment of the journey was the visit to The fortified church from Cisnădioara, where pupils were stunned by the view and the stories of it.
Pupils find out beautiful pictures of the countries and lots of story for their Romanian and history hours. As a result they understood the importance of school in their life and came to school more frequently to find out stories about our country.